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Chimney Works

Your chimney may require work weather its in use or not, the downside to having a chimney that isn’t in use is that it still requires maintenance. Fortunately its not that expensive to have works done on a chimney and mainly comes down to weathering or storm damage.

The chimneys main downfall is in fact that the mortar may need to be replaced after so many years depending on how bad the weather is in your area. Other factors we deal with commonly include damage from falling aerials and or high winds. If damage is noticed but left untouched then the situation can turn dangerous, dislodged bricks can fall from the roof and cause damage to property, and or passers by below.

We advise anyone with a chimney issue to have it looked at right away.

What Can Be Done

  • Chimney Stack Removals
  • Chimney Stack Installations
  • Chimney Brick Repointing
  • Chimney Flashing and Lead Repairs
  • Chimney Flaunching
  • Chimney Growth Removal
  • Chimney Subsidence
  • Aerial Removal, Installations or Repairs

Avoid More Damage

We tend to deal with a lot of chimney work as most of the time they are left untouched un till a problem is noticed, not only can a damaged chimney cause additional damage to your property but it can also cause structural damage to the interior too.

Any growth that is left untouched can effect the state of your mortar, creating cracks and crevasses which let water into your roof and down your walls.

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