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Extend Your Roofs Lifetime

Roofing repairs don’t have to be costly but can in fact save you money in the long run. Whatever the state of your roof we’re confident that we can repair it for you. Should it be the case that the lifetime of your roof is up and your noticing signs of rapid deterioration then we can also replace your roof.

The many causes of roof repairs include things like; growth on roof, broken tiles or slates, torn felt, degraded felt, weathering. A lot of the issues the north west of the UK faces are down to the dramatic change in temperatures throughout the seasons.

As roofing materials heat up and expand they change shape and warp, and the same effects happen when they get to cold they shrivel and shrink. Some materials will last longer than others if not in direct sunlight etc.

The damage caused by a problematic roof can be devastating and in our past experience have seen the structures of building diminish as leaks find their way into the building. Why wait for this to happen when you can save huge amounts of money doing general repairs etc when they are needed most.

What Kind Of Repairs We Do.

  • Replace damaged tiles or slates.
  • Reposition slipped slates.
  • Re-do lead work.
  • Gutter Cleaning & Re-alignment.
  • Ridge Tile Repointing & Replacement.
  • Clean & prevent roof growth.
  • Replace under felt.
  • & Many More.

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What tends to happen when a part of your roof becomes damaged is that it has a knock on effect to the rest of your roof if left un touched. So why leave it to chance?

We will have a talk with you to discuss your requirements and give you a free inspection. Soon after you will get your free estimate by email, call us on [number]