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Tiled & Slate Roofs

Like any other roof both Tiled & Slate roofs have their pro’s and con’s. However the pro’s for the most part outweigh the con’s which is why they’re the most widely used roofing materials for domestic properties throughout the UK.

Drawbacks of these roofs, like any other are that they will deteriorate over time, which is a given. However a well maintained roof of this kind can be a cost saving asset to your property.

So, what can go wrong with these roofs if not taken care of? Well, moss growth can be a huge problem and occurs more on Tile roofs. This can grow on the tile and between the tile causing them to dislodge, create cracks and crevasses whereby water can run into your property and damage internal wood. If left un touched for years then water can rot the wood that supports the roof.

Slates can slip and move over time with bad weather conditions leaving openings and holes. A lot of slate roofs which were installed before the 50’s don’t have under felt which means and one stop with a gap, water can run straight through your loft and onto your ceilings causing damp spots.

What We Can Do

  • Replace damaged or defected tile or slate.
  • Reposition slipped or moved tile or slate.
  • Change style of slate or tile used on roof.
  • Install or clean valleys and gullies.
  • Clean & prevent roof growth.
  • New roofs for your porch, garage, or main.

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